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Imagine anyone Island full of amazing beaches and crystal clear blue water of the sea, through which you can see marine life, Scuba dive right into the sea and not just see the Marine life but to also touch those.

The Ireland you have imagined might sound like a fantasy but that fantasy can be filled in Andaman and Nicobar.

Andaman and Nicobar Island holds a major position in one of the topmost tourist spot in India because of its mesmerizing beautiful beaches and the water activities one must try at least once in their lifetime.

Day 1 – Port Blair

         Port Blair is the capital of Andaman and Nicobar and that’s the airport where I landed in. Already had my hotel room pre-booked online near cellular jail because the hotels near cellular jail are less expensive. In Cellular Jail l Indian freedom fighters were kept in prison by Britishers who ruled India long back.  In the evening there is a regular light show in cellular jail about the Indian freedom fighters both in Hindi and English enjoyed it as it’s Patriotic and a thing to proud of.

    From Port Blair to travelling to other Islands you have to book tickets for the ships you will travel in there are two different options to book your ship seats from either you go through the government ticket counter or you can go for private ticket counter there is no difference except for the price as the private ships will be much more expensive than the government ones the bonus point which gets in government ships is that you can see the view of the sea full stop in both the cases you can’t book the tickets online. I booked my ticket from Stars Ticket Corner (Government) you must reach the ticket counter before 8:00 a.m. because after that the tickets won’t be available. The first destination from Port Blair to the ship was Neil Island which took two hours. In Neil Island, Aberdeen Jetty is the first stop it’s an amazing place with seawater all around. Aberdeen Jetty is the place from where you will board your ship and Aberdeen jetty is the place where the magic of never dying experience comes because this is the complex for water activities like scuba diving,jet-skiing and many more.

In Port Blair there is a place named Ross Island, that’s the place where Britishers used to live when India was ruled by them because Ross Island is near to the Cellular Jail so if by chance any Indian freedom fighter used to escape he/she was shot by them. At the entrance of Ross Island is a Wall of history, there are many friendly deers and Peacock. This place can’t be more perfect than hoe it is now.  From Ross Island, you move to North Bay which a hub for water activities and the reason for that is the clear water. I had my first experience of scuba diving there and I should admit that the experience is beyond words so you rather experience it yourself and that’s definitely something one should have in their bucket list because that something you want to do at least once in your lifetime.

2nd day – Neil Island

The journey from Port Blair to Neil Island took 2 hours for us to reach. Neil Island there are three breathtaking beaches, the first one is Bharatpur beach, Bharatpur beach has the clearest water from all the beaches in Andaman and Nicobar and the best part about Bharatpur beach is that it’s least crowded. While walking be careful because steps as the water are so pure, you can see many fishes in seashore and you don’t want to step on them. Bharatpur beach is the Picture Perfect beach beauty tips cleanliness and nature a huge amount of tourists prefer clicking their picture over here.  The place is so magical under a blue sky with blue colour water that it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a living picture. The next terminal in Neil Island was Ram Nagar beach. It’s the beach with green seawater and you can see many Islands from that beach, unfortunately, it’s not allowed to go any random Island because of the Tribals. Tribals on random Islands generally attack unknown people that’s one of the reasons why going to who many islands are not allowed but you can see from afar point. Ramnagar beach has the most awesome pebbles and pieces of rocks you will ever see. The next beach goes to go was Laxmanpur Beach has huge natural walls made up of rocks and there is a big hole in one of the walls through which a person can walk Inside Out. If that isn’t enough to amaze you, then you can sit on the seashore look at the Waves because the water understand is peaceful beyond imagination. Due to the fact that there are fewer tourists, the place is insanely clean and the forest is denser.

3rd day – Havelock island

It took me one and a half hour which Havelock Island from Neil Island. In Havelock Island, there are 3 jaw-dropping beaches in which the topmost is Radha Nagar beach. The name a lot sounds Indian the beach is completely filled with people who are not from India. This dish is very popular here not just because of the astonishing view do you get from the beach but also because of The Stand which comparatively very soft and water is the clearest you can see in whole Andaman and Nicobar. You can see people casually swimming near Radha Nagar beach. Looking at the green trees, blue seawater, black rocks, white sand and many other natural things present in Radha Nagar beach it gives the feels of how all colours came to life. From Radha Nagar beach the next stop Kala Pathar beach where I went through road by my scooty. Kala Pathar beach is famous for its sunset and it’s the Bollywood shooting point as many songs and scenes are shot here. I went there to see the sunset, and hands down that’s the most ravishing sunset I have ever seen in my entire life. You can peacefully set on the cold sand of Kala Pathar and look at the sun sinking into the sea throwing all its rays as beautiful orange colour shades. What a serene environment to live it.

The next and last but not the least beach of Havelock Island was Elephant Beach where you can reach through a water boat. You can spend a maximum of three hours in elephant beach according to rules Elephant Beach also has clear green seawater with a little forest beside the bonus point for this forest is you can also see Elephants over here full stop and that’s the reason why this beach is called Elephant beach.

Least known facts and costs:-

There are three ways to travel to Andaman and Nicobar first is through Train but hard to get the tickets, second is by flight and the cheapest flight to Andaman and Nicobar is from Kolkata(INR 7,000), and the last is through Cruise. Cruze is the least suggested mode of transportation as it’s gonna be expensive, it will take many days and health problems can be seen on a large scale.

Cellular jail which is in Port Blair had an entry fee of INR 30 per person. The light show costs between INR 100 to 150 depending on the timing of the tickets for the show. The seat of ship booking(government ticket counter) from Port Blair to Neil Island was INR 510 per person, from Neil Island to Havelock Island was INR 510 per person and from Havelock to Port Blair Island was also INR 510 per person. In private the tickets will be approximately thrice the price of government tickets. The Scooty booked for day words for INR 500 if you want to book a cab taxi or a bus seat it can cost you from INR 2,000-4,000. Scuba diving will be for INR 3,000-3,500/head, it’s the same price for a Sea walk and other water-related activities are around this price. For all the places you travel to the maximum cost for entry free will be INR 200 (all together ). Average one day expense for food per person would be INR 150-350. For hotel in Port Blair one day expense would be INR 1,000 it’s the same price for Havelock and Neil Island.  For ID proof you don’t have to have Visa but take Aadhar card, Pan card or any other ID proof. The general languages spoken in Andaman and Nicobar are Hindi, English, Bengali and Tamil. The best season to visit Andaman Nicobar in summer which is from March to June or winter that is from October to January, monsoon which is July -September is also as great as other Seasons but you won’t get experience water activities because it’s not allowed due to the high tides in monsoon. There is a huge network problem in Andaman and Nicobar only Vodafone and Airtel works that too with least network and others don’t even work, but not a big problem for internet lovers because hotels got Wi-Fi. They are very less ATM machines and for those which are there, you have to stand in a big queue to withdraw cash so I’d rather suggest carrying cash accordingly.

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